Meet the team behind your next development project

We're a small but mighty team based in Leeds, England. We're building our brand to be known for our ability to cut out the jargon and speak human, our deep understanding of client needs and expectations.

So who are we?

Today, we're a small team of two. A husband and wife duo working together to build business and launch awesome things into the web.

Here's some more about us:

Mwikala 🏁

Mwikala Kangwa, Director of Yawt Digital
  • Director & Full-Stack Engineer
  • Past clients include Verizon Media, Yahoo News and Sainsburys
  • Loves go karting & all things Formula 1🏎️
  • Born and raised in Zambia, Africa!

First solve the problem. Then, write the code

Naomi 🌸

Naomi Kangwa, an employee at Yawt Digital
  • Junior Frontend Developer
  • Spent 4 years as an accountant
  • ❤️s all things pink (especially the pink stuff)
  • Elle parle français (She speaks French)

Things aren’t always #000000 and #FFFFFF

How can we help?

Everyday we help agencies and brands launch successful web applications. Whether that be eCommerce, Fintech or social platforms, we can assure you we've either done it or there's a high chance we can.

And we do all this using what we know best:

Our process

⚙️ We're currently working on outlining our processes in more detail, with their own dedicated pages.

Our approach follows three principles:

We administer this in practice by: